Getting Started

👋 Ready to map your next customer journey?

1. Take a look around!

This is a dynamic workspace with one goal: to help you map richly detailed customer journey. Use the left menu to navigate across the different workspaces and get a feel for what’s inside.

2. Watch the tutorial 📽️

Above, you’ll notice a complete walk-through of this space—in the video, I talk through how I personally use the Customer Journey Mapping template from A to Z.

3. Make it yours

There’s some dummy data included in the template to help you understand how it should all look once filled in—once you’re comfortable with how it all links and syncs together, time to start making this template your own 🙂

About Landmark Labs

This template was created using a tool called Flotion. If you’d like to learn more, you can do so here, as well as accessing Landmark’s library of 55+ Notion free templates, Flows and components.


Built in Flotion.