Parliament Formation

Parliament Formation

Please read the below before applying, if you have read and agree, please fill out embedded typeform below or here directly.

What is a Parliament:

  1. A Parliament is the legislature of a country, state, or protocol responsible for making and passing laws.
  2. A Parliament is elected and is responsible for representing their electorate in government.
  3. A Parliament usually consists of two chambers. One chamber being an elected lower house, and an upper house which is appointed by the government and/or operator.
  4. A Parliament is also responsible for providing oversight of the executive branch of government, and holding the government to account through debate, question time, hearings, and other mechanisms.
  5. Parliaments are also responsible for debating and approving budgets & taxation, as well as debating and approving international treaties, referendums, and long term strategies.
  6. Also, owls…


Rightfully so, a group of very wise owls is also known as a Parliament. In combination of the growing maturity of The Premia Ecosystem as well as an increasing need for community involvement, Premia is pleased to announce the foundation of the Premia Parliament. The Parliament will be a joint task force of Premia Core members and Elected Community members to ratify and complete the formal path to a Decentralized Organization. Debates are encouraged, and formal documentation and voting ratifications will be frequent. 10 members of the community will be elected and ultimately asked to step forward to lead the Premia Ecosystem to the next chapter of our collective journey.


To elevate 10 community members to join the Premia Parliament to formalize the path to a Decentralized Organization. Goals will include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Come to an amicable solution regarding the future state of Premia tokenomics, Commission splits, & all things regarding the meta economy aspects of the upcoming Premia Blue release (V3).
  2. Discuss and Outline new initiatives that are co-partnerships between developers and participants.
  3. Focus group review of new features and future product lines.
  4. Documentation of the canon or doctrine that future Parliament members must uphold.
  5. Join in the process with our legal team in the creation of “Blue Descent,” and if appropriate potentially provide directorship services of this new legal entity. (Minimum of 3 directors will required)
  6. To streamline continuous ratifications through weekly Parliament member votes, that will then be wrapped into omnibus bills to be ratified by popular vote on a monthly basis.
  7. To democratize the P3 process and appoint multiple organizational entities that can accelerate the governance process in a responsible yet efficient manner.

Expectations & Requirements:

Please review the below before submitting an application as below are expectations and requirements of Parliament members:

  1. Minimum of 6hrs per month, up to 20hrs per month. Biweekly call attendance will be mandatory, and you will be expected to regularly communicate with other Parliament members, Community members, and Core members.
  2. This is a paid position (in Premia Tokens). Amount TBD, however it will be a competitive rate for time.
  3. Estimated length of engagement for first inaugural Parliament is ~6mo or 1 million mainnet blocks 😎
  4. Lite-KYC/AML checks will be needed if you are to be/planning to receive:
    1. Payment, be a Blue Descent Multisig Holder, sign a NDA, etc
    2. Different levels of DID are available through our partners & legal council. Thus it is not completely out of the question to remain anonymous in your interactions as a Parliament member, however some tradeoffs exist, however we have solutions in place to ensure privacy is respected.
  5. We will be meeting virtually over Discord and Teleconference (no video necessary), and progression will be tracked in a transparent way to easily communicate with the wider group on action items and how the extended community can raise concerns will be publicly outlined and addressed.

Next Steps:

Tentative Timelines Outlined Below:

  1. Application Submission (February 18 → March 6)
    1. Interested Parties submit intention to run for candidacy
  2. Interviews (February 18 → March 13)
    1. Short meet and greets to collect relevant info and help create community profile
  3. Election (March 13 → March 31)
    1. Vote for Candidates - Will be Ranked Snapshot vote if greater than applications. If less than 10 apply then it will just be a ratification vote for record keeping.

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Parliament Formation Overview (WIP)