[2.P3] Liquidity Migration
[2.P3] Liquidity Migration

[2.P3] Liquidity Migration

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p3 (mod): 2
network:alltitle: Liquidity Migration
status: P3P
mod status (mod): Accepted
author: DK (@dk3)
mod: DK (@dk3)
sponsor: DK (@dk3)
created: 2023-01-10T00:00:00.000Z
proposal (mod): >- NA
type: Task
group (mod): NA

Premian Republic is planning to move the majority of liquidity from Ethereum Mainnet to Arbitrum One.Currently:~1000e/Premia on Ethereum (Sushiswap) (Main Liq Source)~100e/Premia on Arbitrum (Sushiswap)~20e/Premia on Optimism (Uniswap)

The plan will result as follows:~100e/Premia on Ethereum (Sushiswap)~50e/Premia on Fantom (Spookyswap)~50e/Premia on Optimism (Uniswap)~800e/Premia on Arbitrum (Uniswap) (Main Liq Source)~100e/Premia on Arbitrum (Sushiswap) (No Change)~20e/Premia on Arbitrum (Camelot) (open discussion on increase)

As most volume is now conducted on Arbitrum One, and with Ethereum no longer being the sole mining chain, we believe this to be a more optimal location for Liquidity. We also believe this to be generally accepted, and reference community signal below. Opening discussion until 12Jan23, however unless opposed this will be completed shortly thereafter.

References: Snapshot 1

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Final Movements after Discussion:

250e stayed on Mainnet (Sushi) - Full Range 200e on Arbitrum (Sushi) - Full Range 100e on Arbitrum (Uniswap) - Plus/Minus 20% 450e on Arbitrum (Uniswap) - 5c to $160 50e on Fantom (Spooky) - Full Range 50e on Optimism (Uniswap) - Full Range

All but the below have returned to multisig wallets 100e on Arbitrum (Uniswap) - Plus/Minus 20% 100e on Arbitrum (Sushiswap) - Full Range 20e on Arbitrum (we ran out of premia due to concentration)